SINGAPORE (Jan 26): Barely a week in office and US President Donald Trump has quickly gotten down to fulfilling the promises he has made to his voters, ripping up the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, ordering the building of the Mexican border wall and starting a crackdown on immigration.

What is clear is that in the months to come there will be more seismic changes in US policies on trade, security alliances, energy and the climate and many of these will cause ructions in Asia.

China will face the greatest challenges. While a unilateralist US will be a boon to China’s long-term ambitions to be regional superpower, It is clear that China will be a major target of Trump’s trade policies, with higher tariffs and restrictions such as anti-dumping measures set to proliferate.

Singapore also has much to worry about. The republic had allied itself closely with the US in recent years, even in the face of China’s growing disapproval. And on the economic front, Singapore would lose if there were to be a substantial hit to the global trade that is its lifeblood.

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