SINGAPORE (Oct 30): Singapore came in eighth globally in the 2017 Sustainable Cities Mobility Index from Arcadis, while it was placed third among the Asian countries.

The city-state joins Hong Kong, which topped the international list, along with Seoul which was ranked at fourth.

The Centre for Economic and Business Research compiled the 2017 Index for Arcadis and explores mobility through three pillars sustainability – social (People), environmental (Planet) and economic (Profit) – to develop an indicative ranking of 100 of the world’s cities.

According to Arcadis, Singapore has the best balance of scores across People, Planet and Profit, with Planet having the best performance of 70%, placing it as one of the top countries.

Singapore scored 100% in the overall Profit area, ranking 13th, as its high score was powered by the economic opportunity it offers.

This shows the republic can sustain its own upkeep and growth through its own revenue which is the key evidence of long-term sustainability.

Singapore also scored high in relation to affordability of public transport against average income at 65%.

Meanwhile, out of three cities outside of Europe to fall in the top 20 of the third pillar of sustainability -- Planet, Singapore and Seoul share the spot at 14th, due to their efficient public transport systems.

The city state also scored 100% for encouraging Singaporeans to switch to electric vehicles.

Singapore also scored very high with its provision of green space with 99% and air pollution scored strongly (83%), as did greenhouse emissions (82%) but was judged as having very poor bicycle infrastructure.

The overall top 10 cities in the 2017 Sustainable Cities Mobility Index are:

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Zurich
  3. Paris
  4. Seoul
  5. Prague
  6. Vienna
  7. London
  8. Singapore
  9. Stockholm
  10. Frankfurt