SINGAPORE (Aug 1): One in two of Singapore’s mobile consumers have exceeded their monthly mobile data limits in the last six months, with nearly a quarter having overshot their mobile data limits by at least 3 gigabytes (GB).

This is according to mobile digital telco Circles.Life, which recently commissioned research firm Survey Sampling International (SSI) to survey over 900 Singaporeans aged 16-54 years old on their mobile data usage habits.

The Circles.Life Annual Mobile Data Usage Survey 2017 found that half of the respondents claim to only be able to last one day without using mobile data.

On the other hand, two in three of those surveyed say they need at least 6GB of monthly mobile data allowance in order not to worry about busting their mobile data limits.

The industry average is 3.5GB to 4GB of mobile data usage a month, says Circles.Life in its press release on Tuesday.

A majority of respondents indicated that the most frequently-used mobile app on a daily basis was messaging freeware WhatsApp, followed by social media platform Facebook and video-sharing website YouTube.

Conversely, dating apps were the least frequently-used mobile apps based on the survey’s results.

Rameez Ansar, co-founder and director of Circles.Life, believes Singapore’s consumers to be “hungry for more mobile data”, and expects this demand to grow on a nation-wide scale.

“Findings of the survey are consistent with our internal market research, where we have discovered that consumers in Singapore needed more data, but did not have affordable access to it. After we launched our 20GB for $20 data Data Plus option in March, we saw a huge spike in the data usage of our subscribers to the current average of 8GB per month, more than double of the current industry usage,” he adds.