SINGAPORE (Mar 1): Circles.Life is launching two new plans that offers customers cheaper roaming and unlimited data on demand ahead of the expected entry of a fourth telco here this year.

Users will have access to unlimited data usage for $3 a day. There is no lock-in period. The virtual mobile telco says speeds will be throttled once users consume over 100 GB in a month.

Circles.Life’s users have to pay a base price of $28 when they sign up with the virtual mobile operator, which comes with 6GB of data and 100 minutes talk time.aIn a collaboration with WhatsApp, Circles.Life is also rolling out a roaming service for the messaging platform. Users pay $1 daily or $3 for three days to send texts and upload files on WhatsApp. The service is available in 18 countries, including Malaysia, Hong Kong, the US and the UK.

“The industry has been stuck in lock-in contracts for too long, simply because of Singapore’s highly penetrated and mature mobile market,” says a Circles.Life’s spokesperson, “We think more and more consumers will move to no-contract plans with increasing flexible options like these.”

Circles.Life is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). It leases capacity for its services from M1. Since its launch in 2016, it has been rolling out aggressively priced plans to grow its customer base, giving away 20GB of mobile data a month for free last year. It is now offering users a free one-month trial.

Circles.Life says it intends to capture 3% to 5% of Singapore’s telco market share by 2019. But it faces stiff competition. Last month, rival MVNO Zero1 announced it will offer unlimited mobile data plans this month starting at $19 a month. Zero1 is the third MVNO in Singapore after Circles.Life and Zero Mobile.

When asked if Circles.Life is cannibalising M1’s customers and if that would affect their relationship, Abhishek Gupta, co-founder and director of Circles.Life, says Circles.Life is growing M1's user base by targeting digital natives.

Gupta says Circles.Life is able to offer low-priced plans because of its lean cost structure. Its customer acquisition costs are one-seventh those of traditional telcos', he says. Circles.Life partners with the likes of Grab and Lazada to acquire users.

Circles.Life says it plans a launch in Indonesia by the second half of this year.