SINGAPORE (Mar 12): Addvalue Technologies has signed a collaboration agreement with Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) to “work closely together to provide enhanced communications services in support of small low orbiting satellite operations”.

Kongsberg is the provider of ground-station-based communications services to low orbiting spacecraft.

Addvalue is the sole provider of the Inter-Satellite Data Relay Service (IDRS) which is an on-demand satellite relay-based communications service which provides almost-continuous tracking, telemetry and command (TT&C) connectivity ad tasking connectivity for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) spacecraft.

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Under the terms of the agreement, KSAT will provide the IDRS service as an integrated element to enhance the current service offering to its customers.

The addition of Inmarsat’s GEO satellite relay-based IDRS means increased satellite fleet efficiency through real time and enhanced control.

Spacecraft that are fitted with IDRS will have access to enhanced TT&C availability, which in turn would enable satellites to be operated with greater agility and flexibility, thus providing increased value from the mission.

According to Addvalue and KSAT, the success of this collaboration is expected to lead to further development of the joint capabilities.

In a joint release on Monday, both companies note that the use of these smaller, low orbiting satellites have “increased exponentially” in recent years and hence led to the market entry of many new satellite operators.

As such, they project demand for high throughput ground stations as well as real-time services, in support of these new satellite-based services, to growth in tandem with the increased number of LEO satellites deployed.

“We are pleased to partner with KSAT, who is a world leader in providing ground station services to LEO satellite operators, to offer our IDRS service as another value added service that will significantly enhance the operational efficiency of LEO satellites,” says Colin Chan Kum Lok, CEO and chairman of Addvalue.

Shares in the group closed flat at 4 cents on Monday.