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Top 10 global stocks mauled by market but outperform indices

SINGAPORE (Mar 13): In our story “10 global stocks in an ‘unloved’ bull run” (Issue 917, Jan 24, 2020), we highlighted 10 global stocks, picked for either their cheap valuations, strong balance she


Tech turmoil

SINGAPORE (March 6): The Covid-19 virus has hit the tech industry hard, with several large-scale global tech events cancelled or postponed until further notice.

Disruption and Digitalisation

Online dating: A $2.2 billion business

SINGAPORE (Feb 13): The smell of roses are in the air as Valentine’s Day is just a day away.

how to buy stocks in the US market

Investing 101

How to buy stocks in the US market

SINGAPORE (Feb 5): Once you have gotten the hang of investing in the Singapore market and are looking to diversify your portfolio, the

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10 global picks in an 'unloved' bull run

SINGAPORE (Jan 23): Technological disruption used to be feared but in today’s context, unpredictable politics is more worrisome.

Stocks To Watch

10 global picks: Facebook

The world’s largest social media platform enjoys immense network effect as it gains tighter hold over users and advertisers alike


Why Facebook and Google are afraid of ByteDance

SINGAPORE (Nov 4): Late last week, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg went on stage at The Paley Center for Media in New York to launch a new News Tab for the giant social me

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Singapore (Oct 7): “Officially Tuas is designed to handle 65 million TEUs (20-foot equivalent units), but I am sure PSA can squeeze a little more out of it if we work hard.”


Looking back on 900 issues of The Edge Singapore

SINGAPORE (Sept 20): It wasn’t long after The Edge Singapore was launched that I began measuring time not in days or months but in terms of the publication’s issue numbers, a consequence o

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