Digital Economy

Zoom tumbles amid signs of slowing growth post-pandemic

Zoom also missed predictions for big clients, which increased 36% for that period.


How Zoom and other WFH tech darlings will fare when world reopens

Data from research firm Apptopia reveal how the superstar apps of the Covid-19 era are faring now in the US.
Is Zoom causing erectile dysfunction in younger men? - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Is Zoom causing erectile dysfunction in younger men?

Could too much Zoom be a contributing factor to erectile dysfunction in younger men?


Zoom raises US$1.75 bil in new stock offering

Zoom is selling about 5.15 million shares at US$340 apiece, representing a 4.7% discount to its last close.

US stocks

Dow at 30,000: Whither US tech stocks?

US tech stocks, which have helped power the gain of the market throughout this whole year, are likely to come under scrutiny.


Zoom founder net worth drops US$5.1 bil on vaccine news

Zoom shares fell 17% in New York on Monday, erasing US$5.1 billion from founder Eric Yuan’s net worth.
No gym required - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


No gym required

Want to work out at home for free? Check out these workout videos from gyms that will get you moving.
'Wait and see' if Anwar’s majority claim is true: Mahathir - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


'Wait and see' if Anwar’s majority claim is true: Mahathir

Mahathir commented that this is “not the first time” his former deputy has claimed that he has majority support.


Hong Kong's Li Ka Shing remains city's richest man thanks to Zoom stake worth US$11 bil

The tycoon, who’s best known for building some of the most iconic skyscrapers to dot Hong Kong’s skyline, first invested in the video-conferencing app in 2013.


Zoom CEO US$4.2 bil richer after jump in quarterly revenue

In just a few hours, Zoom Video Communications Inc. Chief Executive Officer Eric Yuan got US$4.2 billion ($5.71 billion) richer.