How Zoom and other WFH tech darlings will fare when world reopens

Many internet companies posted record performance during the pandemic as consumers turned to apps and other cloud software to work, study, socialize and shop from home.

Is Zoom causing erectile dysfunction in younger men? - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Is Zoom causing erectile dysfunction in younger men?

With all the anxiety from fear of job loss and the stress of keeping it, sex was probably the furthest thing from our minds last year.


Zoom raises US$1.75 bil in new stock offering

Zoom Video Communications Inc. is raising US$1.75 billion ($2.32 billion) through a stock offering, capitalizing on enduring demand for the video-conferencing platform during the pandemic.

US stocks

Dow at 30,000: Whither US tech stocks?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) on Nov 24 rallied to a record 30,000 points as US President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take over the White House.


Zoom founder net worth drops US$5.1 bil on vaccine news

Eric Yuan is, in many ways, the poster child for the coronavirus economy.

No gym required - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


No gym required

A guide to working out at home

'Wait and see' if Anwar’s majority claim is true: Mahathir - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


'Wait and see' if Anwar’s majority claim is true: Mahathir

Leadership in the West is crumbling, says former prime minister of Malaysia Dr Mahathir Mohamad, pointing to frayed relations within the European Union and the upcoming US elections.


Hong Kong's Li Ka Shing remains city's richest man thanks to Zoom stake worth US$11 bil

Li Ka-shing’s Hong Kong business empire may be struggling, but he’s managed to remain the city’s richest man. That’s largely thanks to an early bet on Zoom Video Communications Inc.


Zoom CEO US$4.2 bil richer after jump in quarterly revenue

In just a few hours, Zoom Video Communications Inc. Chief Executive Officer Eric Yuan got US$4.2 billion ($5.71 billion) richer.

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Zoom opens new data centre in Singapore, plans to hire new staff

Zoom Video Communications Inc., the popular conferencing app facing scrutiny over whether it transmits data to China, has opened a data centre in Singapore, diversifying its network and expanding i