US-China trade war

US spares China from yuan-manipulator label amid trade war

WASHINGTON (Oct 18): The Treasury Department stopped short of declaring China a currency manipulator in its semi-annual report on foreign-exchange rates, averting an escalation of a trade war while


JPMorgan sees all-out US-China tariffs, lowers yuan call

(Oct 1): With little prospect of a restart for US-China trade talks, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

US-China trade war

China won't devalue yuan to boost exports, Premier Li says

(Sept 19): China won’t devalue its currency in order to make its exports more competitive amid the trade war with the US, Premier Li Keqiang said, hours after his country retaliated against the lat


China's yuan plunges most since aftermath of devaluation in 2015

(Feb 8): China’s yuan sank the most since the aftermath of the shock devaluation of the currency in August 2015 after trade surplus figures missed estimates and amid speculation policy makers will


The yuan is Hong Kong's new darling as investors chase higher yields

HONG KONG/BEIJING (Aug 17): The big ball of money in Hong Kong is rolling to the yuan, and the local dollar is suffering.

China Focus

China moves to make $13 tril domestic bond market more global

HONG KONG (March 13): Citigroup said Tuesday it will include onshore Chinese debt in some of its gauges, while the central bank pledged to create a "more convenient and friendly environme

China Focus

Pimco says China needs to get tougher in cat-and-mouse debt game

BEIJING (Feb 24): Beijing’s “cautious tightening signals” are largely being ignored by banks and at the local level, where attention is focused on maintaining steady economic growth, especially wit


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A free-floating yuan is looking a bit more likely

HONG KONG (Jan 12): As China’s yuan swings back into the global spotlight, it might seem like an odd time for authorities in Beijing to loosen their grip on the tightly-managed currency.


China's yuan down, state banks step in to temper fall

SHANGHAI (Dec 9): Chinese state banks jumped in to stem yuan weakness on Friday morning after the US dollar rose broadly, but the currency remained vulnerable in the face of a relentlessly rising g


Yuan weakness is metals’ strength: Bloomberg Gadfly

SINGAPORE (Nov 17): Most commodities are denominated in, and therefore pegged to, the US dollar but these days the Chinese yuan is starting to have as much influence on prices.

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