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Review: An elevated yoga experience SkyPark Yoga by Virgin Active at MBS

Enjoy yoga sessions with Virgin Active overlooking the sunrise at MBS SKyPark.


Stretch your limits

Keep calm and yoga on.


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Longing to pack our bags and travel to a wellness resort to give our minds a break during this global travel lockdown? We bring you the next best thing.


Unravelling the bliss

As the world outside becomes increasingly fraught with fear and anxiety, perhaps it is time to find peace and stillness within


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Former MTV VJ Denise Keller speaks to Options about her journey and how she finds that inner peace while navigating her hectic lifestyle.


Nike pitches yoga as fitness tool, not lifestyle, with new line

Nike Inc. wants you to do yoga, but not at the expense of all those miles you run.


Health & Fitness: Yoga for chronic low back pain

A new study indicates that taking part in yoga can be as effective as physical therapy for relieving back pain.