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Make your own mask

Could homemade masks help stop infected people spreading virus?


Covid-19 trumps nationalism

In times of international crisis, playing the nationalist card is the easiest and crudest form of domestic politics. But in the cold light of day, it does not fix a single problem.


Cruise ship passenger infected with virus sparks global concern

Cruise operator Holland America Line, which gave assurances that the pathogen that’s killed more than 1,700 had not struck anyone aboard the Westerdam, now says it’s working with authorities to deal with the possible fallout from returning guests who may

Zika concerns could test Singapore's efforts to boost birth rate

SINGAPORE (Sept 7): Singaporean pre-school teacher Siti is determined to try for a baby even as Zika infections spread across the Southeast Asian nation. She just does all she can to avoid mosquito bites.