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Spark meaningful interactions over a cup of coffee

New insights from a study conducted by Nespresso Professional confirm that coffee is key to work-life balance


Singapore joins Wall Street in planning for return to office: MAS, ABS

Less-crowded trading floors, facial recognition systems and split work areas could all become routine for bankers in Singapore.


Be mindful of mental health during despondent times

Mental health has been an oft-ignored aspect of inclusivity for too long

Does workplace gender equality exist? Singapore women don’t think so

SINGAPORE (Nov 2): Singaporean employees, especially the women, have indicated a noticeable sentiment of gender disparity at the workplace – more so than those in Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Singapore seen as worst APAC country for workplace gender equality

SINGAPORE (Oct 31): Gender disparity in Singapore’s workplace has yet to become a thing of the past. At least, that is how 63% of the city state’s respondents to the Women in Leadership in Asia Pacific report see it.