Singapore water debacle threatens 90% losses for investors

SINGAPORE (Mar 13): The catastrophic slump of Singapore’s much-vaunted water and power company, Hyflux Ltd., has stunned 34,000 retail investors who were lured by the promise of a 6% annual return forever from a company that seemed to have a gold seal of government approval.

AI healthcare startup UCARE.AI secures $8.2 mil funding

SINGAPORE (May 16): UCARE.AI, a Singapore-based artificial intelligence (AI) healthcare startup, has recently concluded its Series A funding, bringing total investment to $8.2 million to date.

The Series A global investors included VC firm Walden International, insurance group Great Eastern, Singaporean investor and philanthropist Peter Lim, as well as law firm WongPartnership’s startup initiative WPGrowth Ventures.

John Soh's legal team from WongPartnership discharges itself

SINGAPORE (Dec 8): The legal team from WongPartnership, led by deputy chairman Tan Chee Meng, has discharged itself from representing alleged penny stock saga mastermind John Soh Chee Wen.

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John Soh, Quah Su-Ling and Goh Hin Calm set to be charged

SINGAPORE (Nov 25): Three key figures involved in the penny stock saga of October 2013 are expected be charged on Friday afternoon at the State Courts.

They are John Soh Chee Wen, who has earlier been described by prosecutors as the mastermind behind the whole affair, as well as Quah Su-Ling and Goh Hin Calm, respectively the former CEO and interim CEO of IPCO International.

The three were reportedly arrested on Thursday morning by the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD).

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Be informed of the stories that matter