Central Hong Kong hit with violence after Lam’s big concession

(Sept 9): Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam’s biggest concession yet to protesters did little to stem scenes of violence that have become the norm on weekends in the Asian financial hub.

Small pockets of demonstrators on Sunday set fires, vandalised subway stations and set up barricades downtown after tens of thousands marched peacefully to the US consulate to appeal for help from President Donald Trump. Riot police cleared roads and subway stations, fired tear gas and made arrests of black-clad protesters wearing masks and hardhats.

Protesters block main roadways in Admiralty: Hong Kong

(June 16): Hundreds of thousands of black-clad demonstrators are marching through central Hong Kong in a show of defiance after the city’s leader suspended consideration of the China-backed extradition plan that has already sparked some of the biggest protests in the city in decades.

Organisers say that Sunday’s protest may be larger than last week’s demonstration, when they estimated more than 1 million people filed through the city center. The police say that rally drew 240,000.

Procurri falls 9.7% to 28 cents as New State also withdraws acquisition offer

SINGAPORE (Feb 19): Shares of Procurri Corporation fell on Tuesday morning after it announced that potential investor New State Capital Partners had withdrawn its acquisition offer.

Trump’s withdrawal from TPP viewed as boon for China

WASHINGTON (Jan 24): President Donald Trump’s formal withdrawal from a long-planned trade deal with Pacific Rim nations creates a political and economic vacuum that China is eager to fill, offering a boost for beleaguered US manufacturing regions while damaging American prestige in Asia.

The move is a sledgehammer blow to former President Barack Obama’s attempt to recenter US foreign policy from the Mideast to Asia.

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