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China weighs Tencent payments overhaul, new license requirement

The potential move would present a fresh hurdle for Tencent.
Covid-19 and digital economy changes - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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Covid-19 and digital economy changes

Returning to China for retail business in 2021 is not the same environment as it was in pre-Covid-19 times.

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Time for Mid-Autumn reflection

"The objective of sustained attack on Huawei was to drive it out of the global market." - Daryl Guppy

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Patterns of coercion

This pattern of coercion has three aspects and it starts with Huawei.


Could Trump's WeChat ban be a violation of free speech?

US WeChat users argued the prohibitions would violate the free-speech rights of millions of Chinese-speaking Americans.


Tencent gains US$26 bil after US says WeChat ban won’t be as broad as feared

The WeChat owner jumped as much as 4.2% in Hong Kong on Monday after it was said that the Trump administration is privately seeking to reassure US companies that they can still do business with the app in China.
A better alternative to Trump's WeChat ban - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

US-China trade war

A better alternative to Trump's WeChat ban

US users often share info with friends and family in China. By banning WeChat, Trump is closing a vital crack in the firewall.


Funds pounce on Chinese tech selloff

“The U.S. ban on Chinese internet companies will have little impact on the revenue and earnings of most listed Chinese internet companies,” - Jian Shi Cortesi, fund manager at GAM Investment Management in Zurich

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Tencent loses US$34.6 billion as WeChat ban rocks China stocks, Yuan

The Trump administration’s move to ban US residents from doing business with Tencent Holdings Ltd.’s WeChat app has erased US$34.6 billion ($47.3 billion) from the Internet giant’s market value.

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Coercion impact on China investment

The UK has caved in to demands from the US to ban Huawei. The US has removed Hong Kong’s special status and imposed sanctions on Chinese companies and legislators.