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Printing money causes wealth inequality

Rising asset prices disproportionately benefit the rich, which own-control the majority of the world’s real and financial assets.

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Billionaires under fire confront wealth gap at Milken Conference

SINGAPORE (May 6): In Beverly Hills, the chicken Caesar salad costs US$25.95 ($35.35). Stephen Schwarzman, with a net worth of US$14.3 billion, could buy one for all 329 million people in the US today — and then do so again tomorrow for 222 million of t


How to design a new model for capitalism

(May 6): The flames that tore through the famed Notre Dame cathedral in Paris not only exposed how vulnerable historic icons are to fire, it also revealed how the jarring divide between rich and poor threatens to bring down the system of capitalism. The o


Why the wealth and income gap is widening

(Dec 22): The report published recently by the Paris School of Economics measures income and wealth inequality around the world and reveals the high share of total income accounted for by the top earners, reflecting a very worrying situation. The report n