Investing strategies for women

Investing 101

An investment guide for women: How to enter the stock market, and mistakes to avoid

SINGAPORE (6 Mar): The trading floor has historically been a man’s world, filled with a ma

Global Economy

Singaporeans growing wealthier, says Credit Suisse report

SINGAPORE (Oct 22): Singapore’s total household wealth grew by 4% to US$1.4 trillion ($1.9 trillion) in the 12 months up to mid-2019, a new report has revealed.

China Focus

China's rich rush to shelter US$1 tril from new taxes

(Dec 14): Wealthy Chinese are rushing to shelter assets and income in overseas trusts before new tax rules go into effect next month, including provisions that target offshore holdings.


Big Brother is creating a two-tier society in China

(Sept 26): Even for Chinese authorities, who have long tried to limit the influence of foreign media and ideas, last week marked an escalation.

Singapore skyline,

How Singapore’s not-really-rich have been burned by Swiber bonds

SINGAPORE (Sept 20): When Elaine Tham signed an “accredited investor” form with her bank in Singapore two years ago, she took a fateful step toward losing all the money she had set aside for her ch

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