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Trump turmoil has Wall Street cheerleaders facing hard questions

(May 18): For the first time, a Wall Street that’s been giddy over Donald Trump is starting to ask some hard questions.

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House passes spending bill that omits most Trump priorities

WASHINGTON (May 4): The House passed a shutdown-avoiding US$1.17 trillion ($1.63 trillion) spending bill that President Donald Trump plans to sign even though Democrats were able to defeat most of

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Wall Street questions if Trump can turn his promises into policy

WASHINGTON (Jan 24): A number of Wall Street analysts are becoming increasingly concerned that President Donald Trump won't be able to follow through on several key proposals that he campaigned on,

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Wall Street extends rally but Germany truck deaths reduce gains

(Dec 20): Wall Street extended a recent rally on Monday but finished the session short of earlier highs after several people were killed by a truck driven into a Christmas market in Germany.

Donald Trump is a godsend for US banks

Donald Trump’s shock victory has led to irate protest marches. Wall Street bankers were not among those holding placards.

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'Trump Thump' whacks bond market for US$1 trillion loss

NEW YORK (Nov 14): Donald Trump's stunning victory for the White House may mark the long-awaited end to the more than 30-year-old bull run in bonds, as bets on faster US growth and inflation lead i

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Global stocks up, nervous markets wager on Clinton presidency

SINGAPORE (Nov 8): Asian stocks rose on Tuesday as world markets braced for the outcome of one of the most contentious US presidential elections in history, with most investors cautiously optimisti

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Hillary Clinton: Wall Street's favourite enemy

(Nov 2): Hillary Clinton began her presidential campaign by promising to do what it takes to rein in Wall Street.

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