Wall Street

US Presidential Race

"Moderate" Kamala Harris pick puts Wall Street at ease

Morgan Stanley Vice Chairman Tom Nides was doing Zoom calls from his Washington home Tuesday when his TV screen flashed with the news that Joe Biden had picked Kamala Harris as his running mate.


Precious metals sector attracting more investors on Wall Street due to Covid-19 crisis

(July 21): A year ago, you couldn’t get Wall Street to touch most gold miners’ stocks. Today, it’s throwing billions at the industry.

Global Economy

Wall Street heavyweights are sounding alarm about stock prices

(May 15): The biggest names in finance are coming around to a view that seemed unlikely a few weeks ago: Stocks are vastly overvalued.

Tong's Portfolio

Liquidity to companies, not capital markets, needed

Please note that starting this week, Tong Kooi Ong has temporarily ceased writing this column or make any contribution.

US-China trade war

Trump’s threats to China capital

(Oct 7): It appears that there is nothing so extreme that you can contemplate that cannot become a White House tweet.

1MDB Watch

Goldman CEO apologises to Malaysia for Leissner's 1MDB role

(Jan 17): Goldman Sachs Group Chief Executive Officer David Solomon apologised to the Malaysian people for the role that a senior banker at the firm, Tim Leissner, played in the 1MDB scandal.

US Economy

Trump's two-year stock honeymoon ends with hunt for betrayer

(Dec 24): Nobody was happier to take credit for surging stocks than Donald Trump, who touted and tweeted each leg up. Now the bull is on life support and the search for its killer is on.


Netflix crushes estimates, renewing faith after July letdown

LOS ANGELES (Oct 17): Netflix Inc.’s Cinderella story isn’t over just yet.

Global Economy

Are we headed for another recession?

SINGAPORE (Sept 7): The outcome of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) has altered the business and economic landscape — for better or worse.

Investing strategy

Old Wall Street strategies are now hugely profitable in China

HONG KONG (Apr 18): Stock pickers may have to reconsider the way they think about China.

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