2017 is shaping up as a volatile year for markets

HONG KONG (Jan 27): The world's most famous measure of volatility in financial markets is flashing a sign akin to boredom — languishing around levels that prevailed before the global crisis.

Problem is, the VIX is tied to the US S&P 500 index. Take a step back to look at the global picture, and the early days of 2017 are showing elevated jumpiness similar to that seen in the past two years. 

Volatile 4Q an opportunity for adventurous investors

SINGAPORE (23 Sept): Asia ex-Japan stocks have soared more than 20% since January, but correction looms as the market approaches 4Q2016, which is expected to be a volatile period.

However, there is a silver lining in this according to investment experts, as the short-term price declines offers a window of opportunity for adventurous long-term investors.

The recent outperformance by Asia ex-Japan stocks could be sustained over a medium to long term according to Peter Sartori, head of Asian Equity, Nikko Asset Management, who adds that there will be periods of correction.

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