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How immersive technology could drive the future of healthcare

SINGAPORE (Jan 11): Immersive technology is ­increasingly being deployed in various fields other than electronic games and entertainment. 

53rd National Day

Future of work: Tech-enabled freedom

SINGAPORE (Aug 6): Imagine hosting an international business conference from a deck chair on a beach, through a laptop and virtual reality device.

Citi investment theme for 2017

5 ways factories of the future are likely to evolve

SINGAPORE (Jan 20): In the early 1900s, Ford’s Model T came in only one colour. And yet, the same variant of the Model T accounted for close to half of the cars in the world in 1920.

In print this week

What Pokémon GO’s success means for Singapore’s economy

SINGAPORE (Aug 19):  The enthusiasm that has greeted Pokémon GO in Singapore reflects a readiness to adapt to a world of new technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, robotics and artific

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