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Fidelity manager dumps nearly all treasuries on growth optimism

Sg-based George Efstathopoulos is now turning to assets that typically do well in times of good economic growth to boost returns.
Tiger Brokers introduces over 360 US Treasuries to trading platform in response to demand for low-risk investments - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Tiger Brokers introduces over 360 US Treasuries to trading platform in response to demand for low-risk investments

The demand has continued as part of a wider “flight to safety” amid elevated inflation and macroeconomic uncertainties.

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Punch bowl taken away, the party is ending

For the longest time, investors remained convinced that the US Federal Reserve would cut interest rates sooner rather than later.

Bonds and treasuries

UOB ‘less enthusiastic’ on upcoming two-year SGS outperformance vs US Treasuries or Sora OIS

The two-year SGS, which matures on June 1, 2025, will be reopened on Feb 24 to the tune of $3.2 billion.

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Uptrend of interest rates remains but treasury yields may have less upside

After the Fed raised FFR by 75 bps on July 27, the forecast is for slower hikes this year, for FFR to hit 4% by 1Q2023

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UOBKH sees possible US recession due to inverted yield curve, but still overweight S-REITs

Could the inversion of the yield curve signal a recession? UOB thinks so, but is still positive on the S-REIT sector.
Temasek prices US$2.75 bil Temasek Bonds - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Bonds and treasuries

Temasek prices US$2.75 bil Temasek Bonds

The offering is scheduled to close on October 6, and the bonds are expected to be listed on the SGX-ST on October 7.


Multi-asset allocation views: Embedding diversification in portfolios

Market pricing now implies a high degree of confidence that recession-like conditions will result across most major economies, but uncertainty remains over their depth and duration.
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China increases US Treasury holdings for fourth straight month

(July 19): China raised its holdings of US Treasuries for a fourth straight month, a sign the nation is rebuilding its foreign-currency reserves as the yuan stabilises. China, the second-largest holder of Treasuries, held US$1.10 trillion ($1.51 trilli

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Asia central banks rebuild US$6 trillion defense as Fed hike looms

HONG KONG/MUMBAI (June 13): Asia’s central banks are stacking the sandbags.