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Wall Street ends lower as tech struggles resume

US stocks closed lower after a choppy trading session on Thursday as heavyweight tech-related stocks resumed their decline following a sharp rebound the previous session, while elevated jobless cla


Stocks stabilise following tech retreat as greenback strengthens

Global stocks mostly stabilized Monday though investors remained on edge after the biggest two-day slide for shares since June. The dollar edged higher and crude oil extended its recent slide.

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Deflation is dead ... long live inflation, again

Has anyone noticed that prices, especially of food, are creeping higher and/or we are getting fewer/smaller portions for the same price?

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Facebook faces advertising boycott, but valuations still compelling

SINGAPORE (July 9): Star Wars fans will be aware that the hero of the first trilogy, Luke Skywalker — or rather the actor that plays him — quit Facebook in January this year.


Tech's US$900 bil rout is price of earnings becoming ordinary

(Oct 11): Investors enamoured of tech stocks that suddenly seem only to fall are searching for answers. The simplest may be that the group just isn’t that special anymore.

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