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With US stocks priced to near perfection, cash will be king … again

Our issue with US stocks is that valuations remain too high, even if earnings are holding up.

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Be cautious: Capital markets will stay lower for longer

In the long run, we still expect technological advancements and innovations to be strong deflationary forces.
Blue Wave turns into Blue Trickle as pollsters fail again - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

US Presidential Race

Blue Wave turns into Blue Trickle as pollsters fail again

Mark Haefele, UBS’ global chief investment officer, is urging investors to stay disciplined and stick to their financial plans.

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Tweeting UP the market

SINGAPORE (Jan 10): US President Donald Trump is a prolific tweeter. That much we already know. According to TrumpTwitterArchive, he made 21 tweets per day, on average, in 2019.

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US stocks could go 'a lot higher' before dropping, says Nobel laureate Shiller

SYDNEY (Sept 14): Near-record US stocks still have scope to zoom to new highs, according to Robert Shiller, the Nobel laureate who's famed for his analysis of asset-price bubbles and who last year warned that the market was over-priced.