US presidential impeachment


Donald Caesar

(Feb 14): The outcome of the US Senate’s trial of Donald Trump, following his impeachment by the House of Representatives, was a foregone conclusion. But it nonetheless laid bare the president’s win-atall-costs approach to governing. The fact that Tru

US politics

Trump impeached on two counts by House, setting up senate trial

(Dec 19): The U.S. House of Representatives impeached President Donald Trump on charges of abuse of power and obstructing Congress, the culmination of an effort by Democrats that further inflamed partisan tensions in Washington and deepened the nation’s

Global Economy


SINGAPORE (Sept 30): “No doubt, I will receive some harsh criticism. But I also hope to receive constructive suggestions to help this government meet the public’s expectations for a more inclusive and fairer Hong Kong.” — Hong Kong Chief Executive

US-China trade war

Asian stocks gain as Trump says China trade deal could be 'soon'

(Sept 26): Asian stocks rose on Thursday as hopes the United States and China may soon end their year-long trade war boosted demand for riskier assets while worries about a US presidential impeachment bid ebbed.