US presidential election

Global Economy

Briefs: Trump clinches Republican nod; MAS survey forecasts 2024 GDP growth at 2.4%

Also in this week's briefs: ‘More than a third’ of Singapore’s 1,100 family offices banks with DBS.

US Presidential Race

Trump trounces rivals, advances toward Biden rematch

'If the election were held today, I think Donald Trump would beat Joe Biden'
Trump-tied spac gains as investors leap at presidential bid - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

US Presidential Race

Trump-tied spac gains as investors leap at presidential bid

"Any Trump news is going to boost interest."
Who will win the US presidential election? - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

US Presidential Race

Who will win the US presidential election?

Trump is set not only to lose the popular vote on Nov 3, but also to not to pull off an Electoral College upset, as he did in 2016

Facebook found election ad spending likely linked to Russia

(Sept 7): Facebook Inc. says it found about US$100,000 ($134,800) in ad spending connected to fake accounts likely run from Russia that aimed to stir political controversy in the US ahead of last year’s presidential election.

Investing strategies

Investors need to go global especially as anti-globalisation rises

SINGAPORE (Dec 28): Anti-globalisation sentiments are on the rise. From Brexit in the UK referendum to Donald Trump in the US presidential election, 2016 is the year growing scepticism over the merits of globalisation resulted in some shocking outcomes at


Battered gold looks at risk of further thumping

SINGAPORE (Nov 30): The worst is yet to come. At least that’s the opinion of the top two gold forecasters who say bullion will suffer further losses in 2017 as interest rates climb and the dollar strengthens.

As Singapore’s rich continue to grow, so does the global wealth gap

SINGAPORE (Nov 23): Adverse currency movements have caused wealth to decline in every region except Asia Pacific (APAC) – the only instance which bucks the trend of limited growth in global wealth since 2013, according to the Credit Suisse Research Inst
Emerging markets

Emerging Markets

Emerging markets are down hard, but not yet out

NEW YORK (Nov 14): The selloff in emerging markets after Donald Trump’s US presidential election was intense. A closer look reveals that things aren’t as bad as they might seem.

What will happen to the markets post-Trump?

SINGAPORE (Nov 9): Donald Trump has defied pundits and predictions to win the US presidential elections, what does that mean for the markets and investors, as the world adapts to the new reality of a Trump presidency?