US-Iran tensions

US-Iran tensions

Missile strike emerges as likely cause of jet crash in Iran

(Jan 10): The prime ministers of Canada and the UK said that a Ukrainian jet that crashed Wednesday near Tehran was probably brought down by an Iranian missile and called for an international probe

Global Economy

Missiles strike, concerns spike

The US has reignited geopolitical tensions with Iran, even as the trade war with China goes on.

US-Iran tensions

America's dangerous Iran obsession

(Jan 9): US President Donald Trump’s order to assassinate Iran’s General Qassem Suleimani while on an official mission to Iraq was widely hailed in Trump’s jingoistic Republican Party.

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Top 10 risks to watch out for in 2020: Natixis

SINGAPORE (Jan 9): From a delicate US-China trade truce to volatile relations in the Middle East, investors have seen an uneasy start to 2020.

US-Iran tensions

Singapore stocks tank as Iran launches missile attacks on US bases in Iraq

SINGAPORE (Jan 8): The Singapore Exchange (SGX) saw a sea of red on Wednesday morning, as investors woke to news that Iran had fired a series of missiles at two US-Iraqi airbases.

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Top 10 questions amid the geopolitical uncertainty in 2020: Natixis

SINGAPORE (Jan 8): “Uncertainty” looks to be the key word in 2020.

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