US Federal Reserve (US Fed)

The Fed loves Main Street as much as Wall Street this time

Global Economy

The Fed loves Main Street as much as Wall Street this time

SINGAPORE (Apr 17): Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell and his colleagues had a hard decision to make as the coronavirus epidemic worsened in February and March.

US Economy

Emergency rate cut by US Fed shakes stock market

SINGAPORE (Mar 4): The US Federal Reserve has slashed rates by half a percentage point on Tuesday.

Emerging Markets

What next for emerging markets?

LONDON (Dec 27): When it comes to the outlook for emerging markets in 2020, the bottom line is maddeningly simple: “It’s complicated.” There are a number of reasons for this.

Global Economy

Restoring central banks' credibility

(Dec 13): Recent jumps in equity prices and bond yields suggest that recession fears are receding.

US Economy

US Fed keeps rates unchanged on 'favourable' economic outlook

(Dec 12): The US Federal Reserve has voted to keep interest rates unchanged in its final policy meeting for the year.

Global Markets

Analysts not surprised by Fed's rate cut

SINGAPORE (Nov 4): On Oct 30, the US Federal Reserve announced its third interest rate cut this year, a move that was not unexpected.

Global Economy

Analysts not spooked by Fed's Halloween surprise

SINGAPORE (Oct 31): Just a day before Halloween, the US Federal Reserve spooked the market with its third interest rate cut in a row this year.

Global Economy

Central banks are the fall guys

SINGAPORE (Aug 2): Central-bank independence is back in the news.


Dovish Fed hints at rate cuts ahead; Astrea V PE bonds not as popular as predecessor

SINGAPORE (June 24): As expected, the US Federal Reserve kept interest rates unchanged at between 2.25% and 2.5%, following the conclusion of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting on Jun

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