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China’s stock market boasts a broader rebound than the record-setting rally in US equities

The record-setting rally in US equities gets all the attention but China’s stock market boasts a broader rebound.

US Presidential Race

US presidential election and markets: It’s complicated

(Feb 7): For investors carefully considering the 2020 geopolitical calendar and its potential risks, one event looms larger than most.


UOBAM favours US equities for resilient corporate earnings

SINGAPORE (Jan 16): UOB Asset Management (UOBAM) says it favours US equities compared to Asian equities, owing to the former’s resilient corporate earnings.

US stocks

Bull market back in sync as Dow finally eclipses January high

(Sept 21): The last victim of the inflation and trade scares that roiled US equities earlier this year has finally recovered.

Bank of America warns of an ‘ominous’ sign for stocks

(Aug 16): Money managers who’ve watched the surge in corporate profits take US equities to records are starting to fret about earnings growth, and that’s an “ominous” sign, Bank of America says.

Global Economy

Where green shoots of sustainable growth can be found

SINGAPORE (May 22): Economic indicators in Europe and Asia are revealing signs of a sustainable growth outlook although US equities could suffer in the near-term from recent political events, accor

The path for US equities will be uneven, driven by data & policy: Barclays

SINGAPORE (March 22): Barclays Capital is forecasting Standard & Poor’s (S&P) 500 earnings per share (EPS) to hit US$129 ($181) this year, assuming that a 5% sales growth combined with mode

Investing strategy

6 reasons to remain positive on US & EM equities in the year ahead

SINGAPORE (Dec 29): Swiss global financial services company UBS is staying positive on US and emerging market (EM) equities in the year ahead.

Cautious on thematic funds

The prospect of a new US president has sparked a new wave of investing themes in global markets.

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