US Economy

US politics

Who can beat Trump?

(Feb 28): The US presidential election in November is the most consequential in modern history.


White House admits Trump trade stance did depress economy

(Feb 21): The White House acknowledged what many economists considered obvious through much of last year: President Donald Trump’s trade stance depressed economic growth and business investment.

Global Economy

Equity markets recover, but growth subdued by coronavirus

SINGAPORE (Feb 7): In spite of the novel coronavirus contagion, which continues to spread and claim lives, equity markets are starting to recover.

Global Economy

Missiles strike, concerns spike

The US has reignited geopolitical tensions with Iran, even as the trade war with China goes on.

Tong's Portfolio

Worries over slow global investment growth overamplified

(Nov 18): Will the slowdown in business investments derail the US economy? This has been one of the biggest worries for investors.


Wealth tax deserves serious attention

SINGAPORE (Nov 4): Proposals for a broad tax on wealth are not new, but they are receiving renewed attention in the US.

US-China trade war

Treasury 10-year yields sink to 3-year low, haven assets rally

SINGAPORE (Aug 26): Haven assets reigned as traders returned to their desks Monday after an action-packed weekend that saw

Global Markets

New phase of monetary policy easing starting; rate cuts won't have same impact as before

SINGAPORE (July 1): In December 2015, the US Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the first time in a long while.

US Economy

How different assets perform in an economic slowdown

(June 19): It appears that the US is entering the slowdown phase of the economic cycle. But what might that mean for returns across asset classes? And can a recession be avoided?

US Economy

Trump is slowing US economic growth

SINGAPORE (June 10): For some time, the four horsemen of US macroeconomic policymaking have been taxation, regulation, trade and infrastructure.

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