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Singapore keeps its spot as one of world's largest foreign exchange centres

SINGAPORE (Sept 17): The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced that Singapore’s average daily foreign exchange (FX) trading volume has increased by 22% to reach an all-time high of US$633 billion ($871 billion) from US$517 billion in April 2016.

With this, Singapore will keep its position as one of the world’s largest FX centres. It is ranked third with a 7.6% share of global FX volume in April.

China gives clear warning to the US

(Aug 12): US President Donald Trump has been hoisted by his own petard. He has been harmed by his own plan to harm someone else. Earlier this week, he declared China a currency manipulator at a time when he was desperate for China to actually be a currency manipulator.


3 things you need to know about the rise of China's renminbi as the world's reserve currency

SINGAPORE (July 12): Some 75 years ago, the Bretton Woods agreement was signed, making the US dollar the world’s reserve currency. But now, there is talk of an alternative: China’s renminbi.

“The economic strength of the West is weakening,” says James Wolfensohn, a former president of the World Bank and current co-chair of the Bretton Woods committee.

Currency swap

Seventy-five years after the Bretton Woods agreement was signed, making the US dollar the world’s reserve currency, there is talk of an alternative. The US’ weaponising of its currency may well accelerate the process.

Value averaging: Dollar cost averaging on steroids?

SINGAPORE (Oct 29): As a financial adviser representative, a common complaint I hear from clients on regular investment plans is that dollar cost averaging is a little simplistic. Sure, investing the same dollar amount every period helps increase returns by buying more units of stock when prices are low. But surely one can do better? Shouldn’t there be a structured way to invest a higher dollar amount when prices are low, and fewer dollars when prices are high?

Americans snub China's new Dollar bond amid trade tensions

(Oct 15): China’s latest dollar-bond sale saw a marked slump in buying by US-based investors compared with last year’s offering, a stark contrast that’s emerged as bilateral trade tensions escalate.

Large foreign inflows are growth risk, says DPM Tharman

BALI/INDONESIA (Oct 12): Capital inflows are proving to be just as much a curse as a blessing, with the potential to harm economic growth, Singapore’s deputy prime minister said.

Macro hedge fund that made 47% says US dollar isn't done falling

SINGAPORE (Jan 30): Former Credit Suisse Group AG trader Charlie Chan, whose macro hedge fund surged 47% last year to beat rivals, is holding on to bearish bets on the dollar. For now.

Chan’s Splendid Asia Macro Fund, with just under US$200 million ($263 million) in assets, wagered correctly in 2017 that regional emerging-markets currencies would gain against the dollar. That is likely to continue as President Donald Trump’s “America First” policy will put downward pressure on the greenback, Chan said in a telephone interview from his office in Singapore.

Malaysian ringgit expected to remain strong after reaching year high

SINGAPORE (Nov 17): The Malaysian ringgit (MYR) on Wednesday reached a one-year high against the USD at 4.1745. And due to encouraging domestic and external factors, economists expect the MYR to remain strong.

Uncertainty over the US Republican party’s tax bill has caused the USD to weaken, partly contributing to the ringgit’s strength, says RHB Research Institute.

Why you need to add these currencies to your portfolio now

SINGAPORE (Sept 22): The US Federal Reserve announced on Sept 20 that it would start reducing the size of its US$4.5 trillion ($6.1 trillion) balance sheet next month. It also stuck with its forecast to raise the federal funds rate again this year, citing healthy growth.

Following the announcement, Bloomberg’s US dollar index gained 0.5%. And a few market watchers are now betting on a reversal of the slide in the US dollar this year.

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