US-China trade war

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Shanghai Index trend consolidation

SINGAPORE (Jan 17): Let the collateral damage begin now that the Phase 1 trade deal between China and the US has been signed.

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Global Invacom relocates China operations to the Philippines amid rising costs, warns of net loss for FY19

SINGAPORE (Jan 15): Global Invacom, the global provider of satellite communications equipment, is expecting to book a net loss for FY19 as it makes “significant changes” to its operations. 

Global Economy

Missiles strike, concerns spike

The US has reignited geopolitical tensions with Iran, even as the trade war with China goes on.

Global Economy

Top 10 risks to watch out for in 2020: Natixis

SINGAPORE (Jan 9): From a delicate US-China trade truce to volatile relations in the Middle East, investors have seen an uneasy start to 2020.

Global Markets

Top 10 questions amid the geopolitical uncertainty in 2020: Natixis

SINGAPORE (Jan 8): “Uncertainty” looks to be the key word in 2020.

US-China trade war

The need for a global trade makeover

CAMBRIDGE (Dec 27): US President Donald Trump’s on-and-off trade war against China added ominous clouds of uncertainty to the world economy in 2019, raising the prospect of a significant global eco


Winning in a bipolar world

The world economic order will undergo further change in this coming decade. How can investors stay ahead, and what should they avoid?


Politics forcing irreversible shift of supply chains; FANGs to see severe correction as competition grows

SINGAPORE (Dec 27): With the US-China trade war having dragged on for nearly two years now, the global supply chain, particularly in electronics manufacturing, is being reconfigured.

Global Economy

China to cut tariffs on pork, tech from list worth US$389 bil

(Dec 23): China cut import tariffs on a wide range of goods including food, consumer items and parts for manufacturing smart-phones, continuing Beijing’s drive to lower trade barriers and spur dome


Misery looms over top coal shippers as China to buy less in 2020

SINGAPORE (Dec 23): China isn’t cutting back on consumption of the most-polluting fossil fuel just yet, but it is set to reduce imports.

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