US-China trade tensions


The coronavirus and Xi Jinping's worldview

(Feb 14): The coronavirus crisis represents the single biggest challenge for Xi Jinping since he became general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in 2012.

US-China trade war

China and US sign initial trade pact, but doubts and tariffs linger

(Jan 17): China will boost purchases of US goods and services by US$200 billion ($269 billion) over two years in exchange for the rolling back of some tariffs under an initial trade deal signed by


What’s next for Tech after its 'decade horribilis'?

SINGAPORE (Jan 10): At the start of the just-ended decade, technology, for the most part, was seen as a force for good.

Global Economy


US, China closer to trade deal despite harsh rhetoric

China Focus

Shanghai in steady, slow downtrend

(Dec 9): In what has become a normal week, US President Donald Trump has imposed new tariffs on friends, foes and innocent bystanders.

Global Economy

Acting on fears rather than evidence is path to ruin

SINGAPORE (Nov 18): The worst US foreign-policy decision of the last generation — and perhaps longer — was the “war of choice” that it launched in Iraq in 2003 for the stated purpose of eliminating

Singapore economy

IMF cuts Singapore's 2019 growth forecast to 0.5%

SINGAPORE (Oct 23): The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has slashed its 2019 growth prediction for Singapore to 0.5%, down from its previous estimate of 2% in July.

US-China trade war

Matthews Asia's Rothman sees US-China deal by year-end; remains bullish on consumer demand story

SINGAPORE (Oct 21): As a US diplomat and then China analyst for more than three decades, Andy Rothman had a ringside seat for how China emerged from the rubble of the Cultural Revolution,

China Focus

China still a developing country

(Oct 21): Next week, I will visit Nanshan in Shenzhen. Some describe it as China’s Silicon Valley and home to high-tech companies.

Banking & finance

Investors need to diversify amid market volatility, says DBS in 4Q outlook

SINGAPORE (Oct 3): The investment landscape is quickly changing, amid ongoing US-China trade tensions as well as fluctuations in gold and oil prices.

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