US-China trade conflict

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What will Sunningdale’s next chapter be?

Led by Koh Boon Hwee, Sunningdale looks to a new chapter after its privatisation.
Prepare for gradual post-Covid recovery, but don’t bet on return to 'normal' - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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Prepare for gradual post-Covid recovery, but don’t bet on return to 'normal'

“My guess is that you cannot apply the traditional way of looking at bricks-and-mortar stores to the tech space.”-Howie Lee, OCBC
Global IPO hit historic highs in 3Q2020: EY - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Global IPO hit historic highs in 3Q2020: EY

In 3Q2020, Asia Pacific saw 554 IPOs which raised US$85.3 billion in proceeds, rising by 29% and 88% respectively y-t-d.

Emerging Markets

Stock bulls rule emerging markets as MSCI gauge forms 'golden cross'

Stock bulls have taken over emerging-markets, a technical indicator suggests.

Global Economy

A harsher global environment requires a regional response

The Southeast Asian region is only gradually coming to grips with the Covid-19 pandemic, but it does not have the luxury of postponing action to tackle the longer-term dangers that it faces.


Is e-RMB a tool of trade and weapon of politics?

Discussions are already underway in Washington about the prospect of a digital dollar to maintain the greenback's hegemonic position.

Broker's Calls

Crude demand rallies as markets slowly reopen

Economic reopening has oil markets bullish despite growing US-China tensions, but optimism may be dampened if OPEC+ decides not to roll over higher production cuts.


Surviving the post-Covid world order

With Covid-19 racheting up geopolitical conflict between US and China, the liberal order appears to be under threat.

China Focus

China endorses trade alternatives

The Shanghai Composite Index hints at an uptrend as the new Multi-Party Interim Appeal Arbitration Arrangement (MPIA) was formalised last week.


Can Singapore Inc hold its chips amid hastening US-China tech rift?

The spectre of decoupling haunts the global economy, but Singapore may be uniquely prepared to weather the storm.