US-China trade conflict

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Crude demand rallies as markets slowly reopen

SINGAPORE (June 4): As markets begin to reopen from Covid-19 lockdowns, demand for crude oil has rallied ahead of expectations.


Surviving the post-Covid world order

The Covid-19 pandemic will usher in a dangerous new phase in US-China tensions. How can states find their way around this geopolitical minefield?

China Focus

China endorses trade alternatives

(May 8): When the Western barbarians attacked China in the middle of the 19th century, it was a full-on brutal and bloody assault on the front door.


Can Singapore Inc hold its chips amid hastening US-China tech rift?

SINGAPORE (Apr 30): The Covid-19 pandemic will accelerate growing economic nationalism in the US and China, forcing firms to consider more carefully the geopolitical and security implications of th

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Quoteworthy: "You've waited 20 years, extending six months doesn't actually matter." — Malaysia's Anwar Ibrahim, on waiting beyond the initially agreed May deadline to ta


Why Asia should worry about Middle East risk

SINGAPORE (Jan 10): The new year began with shocking developments in the Middle East.

US-China trade war

China, US struggle to set meeting as tariffs erode trust

(Sept 3): Chinese and US officials are struggling to agree on the schedule for a planned meeting this month to continue trade talks after Washington rejected Beijing’s request to delay tariffs that

Singapore economy

Trade war spurs recession risk in Singapore

SINGAPORE (July 25): The US-China trade war is threatening to drag export-reliant Singapore into a recession and aggravating underlying risks facing the former tiger economy.

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Bearing brunt of trade war, Singapore chipmakers cut jobs

SINGAPORE (July 24): Caught between a Sino-US trade war, political concerns over Chinese telecoms firm Huawei and slowing consumer demand, chipmakers in Singapore have started slowing pro

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