US-China relationship

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The threat of a less prosperous China

An economically unstable Chinese economy, or less prosperous Chinese economy, is a threat to regional and global stability.


Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong warns of ‘unpredictable’ risks amid US-China tensions

“There will be a price to pay for a global economy that is geopolitics and security considerations and imperatives"

US-China trade war

Biden narrows China investment order as US seeks better ties

The order would regulate US investments in some Chinese semiconductor, quantum computing and artificial intelligence firms.


Xi tells Blinken 'very good' that progress made on US-China ties

The positive tone from Blinken’s visit to Beijing will raise expectations that both countries can reach a more stable footing.

US-China trade war

China says US sanctions of companies will impact supply chain

The US also added firms from Russia, Singapore, Spain, Syria, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Uzbekistan to its list.

US-China trade war

Singapore keen to facilitate US-China dialogue amid tensions

Singapore’s economy relies heavily on trade and is vulnerable to shocks resulting from disruptions in commerce.


China plans to inject US$1.9 bil into top memory chipmaker

The scale of the investment suggests Beijing is again powering up spending on its beleaguered chip industry.

US-China trade war

US confronts China over companies' ties to Russia war effort

The trend is worrying enough that US officials have raised the matter with their Chinese counterparts.
US-China relationship in a fog of war - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

US-China trade war

US-China relationship in a fog of war

With domestic issues still unresolved, the last thing Biden and Xi want is an international crisis to aggravate their problems.


US and Taiwan begin formal negotiations on trade initiative

Taipei has been trying to reduce its economic dependence on Beijing in recent years.