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US House impeaches Trump for a second time; 10 Republicans vote yes - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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US House impeaches Trump for a second time; 10 Republicans vote yes

Donald Trump on Wednesday became the first president in US history to be impeached twice, as 10 of his fellow Republicans joined Democrats in the House of Representatives to charge him with incitin


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Quoteworthy: "Hold the line." –— Paul Irving, the House Sergeant-at-Arms, instructing his staff to secure the US Capitol building against pro-Trump protestors.

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Trump wants everything his heart desires — including riots

Donald Trump got what he wanted. He was able to give yet another rambling, ludicrous speech claiming that the presidential election was riddled with fraud and stolen from him.

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Biden's presidency is certified after day of debate and violence

Joe Biden was formally recognized by Congress as the next US president early Thursday, ending two months of failed challenges by his predecessor, Donald Trump, that exploded into violence at the US

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Pence hits breaking point with Trump by blessing Biden win

Donald Trump’s relationship with his most loyal lieutenant, Mike Pence, splintered on Wednesday after the vice president defied the president’s call to overturn his loss in the November election.

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Asian stocks up after Democrats took control of US Senate

Asian stocks advanced with US futures after Democrats took control of the Senate following key elections, paving the way for President-elect Joe Biden to implement his agenda.