SINGAPORE (June 10): “A lot doesn’t depend on the retail shareholder; it depends on us to be able to ensure that what we put in front of us is in line with the objectives of the retail shareholder.”Temasek International CEO Dilhan Pillay Sandrasegara, downplaying the need for the state investment agency to introduce retail shareholder advocates.

US arms Taiwan


US sanctions on Huawei could backfire

SINGAPORE (May 27): It was only to have been expected. After nearly a year of pressure that failed to stop Huawei Technologies Co’s expansion -- especially in the rollout of the next generation 5G wireless network globally -- in its tracks, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order effectively barring American firms from doing business with the Chinese telecommunications equipment company.


Bad call

Despite assertions otherwise, the US blacklisting of Huawei Technologies looks aimed at crippling its business. But in this age of globalised business, it could backfire.


Will Huawei go the way of ZTE following US ban?

SINGAPORE (May 24): The ripples from the US ban on Huawei Technologies Co continues to be felt, as distributors and suppliers pull their inventory and halt their shipments.

And some observers have pointed have the similarities – and differences – of this ban with that slapped on telecom equipment provider ZTE Corporation just last year.

“History doesn't repeat: it rhymes. And this certainly rhymes with the ZTE experience,” says William Carter, deputy director and fellow, Technology Policy Programme, Centre for Strategic and International Studies.

The global economy is better than you think

SINGAPORE (Apr 15): Gloom pervades the reports we read on the global economy. Data showing a slowdown is described breathlessly as the worst in so many months or years, giving a sense that things are just getting from bad to worse. Now, the International Monetary Fund has joined in and downgraded forecasts for global growth. But are things really that bad? In fact, we find five strong reasons why global growth could surprise on the upside, boosting prospects in our trade-dependent region.


US-China trade dispute likely to re-escalate after Mar 1, says Fitch Solutions

SINGAPORE (Jan 11): Fitch Solutions Macro Research is suggesting a high likelihood that the US-China trade dispute will re-escalate after Mar 1, due to disagreements over a number of outstanding key concerns.

One such concern is a persistent lack of detail surrounding the planned increase in Chinese purchases of American goods and services, which have only been characterised as “substantial” – a term that Fitch notes has been similarly used in statements following presidents Trump and Xi’s dinner meeting at the G20 summit in Dec 2018.

Defiant Xi Jinping says no one can dictate reforms to China

BEIJING (Dec 18): President Xi Jinping said China would stick to its policy agenda, despite pressure from the US and others to allow more competition in its economic system and reduce support for state industry.

ST Engineering partners City of Pensacola to build $290 mil MRO complex in the US

SINGAPORE (Oct 29): ST Engineering has agreed to jointly develop a 655,000 sf airframe maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) complex at the Pensacola International Airport as part of the group’s capacity expansion for its MRO business in the US.

The development will be undertaken by ST Engineering and the City of Pensacola over the course of four years and is expected to cost about US$210 million ($290 million).

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between both parties on Saturday.  

US, China agree to Asia defence rules to avoid air crashes

(Oct 20): Defence chiefs from the US and China agreed in principle to guidelines on encounters between warplanes, in the latest bid by Pacific nations to keep increased military activity from escalating into conflict.

Analysts see myriad opportunities in CapitaLand's US portfolio acquisition

SINGAPORE (Sept 19): CGS-CIMB Securities and DBS Vickers Securities are maintaining their “add” and “buy” calls on CapitaLand with the respective target prices of $3.55 and $3.62.

This follows news of the group’s foray into the US multifamily property segment with its recent billion-dollar acquisition, which both research houses are positive on.

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Be informed of the stories that matter