The US and EU part ways in regulating user content on social media

(June 9): US President Donald Trump’s attack on Twitter Inc.

US Economy

Singapore says US understands its position on WTO privileges

(Aug 1): Singapore says it has an understanding with the US that the city state doesn’t take advantage of privileges that come with “developing country” status in the World Trade Organization.

Global Economy


SINGAPORE (July 8): “Large organisations respond to leadership, not administrative heads and not managers but leaders, and Iacocca was a brilliant leader.”Long-time car indu


Iran shoots down US military drone in Gulf region

DUBAI/WASHINGTON (June 20): Iran has shot down a US drone which the elite Revolutionary Guards said on Thursday was flying over southern Iran, raising fears that a major military confrontation coul

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SINGAPORE (June 10): “A lot doesn’t depend on the retail shareholder; it depends on us to be able to ensure that what we put in front of us is in line with the objectives of the retail shar


US sanctions on Huawei could backfire

SINGAPORE (May 27): It was only to have been expected.


Bad call

Despite assertions otherwise, the US blacklisting of Huawei Technologies looks aimed at crippling its business. But in this age of globalised business, it could backfire.


Will Huawei go the way of ZTE following US ban?

SINGAPORE (May 24): The ripples from the US ban on Huawei Technologies Co continues to be felt, as distributors and suppliers pull their inventory and halt their shipments.


The global economy is better than you think

SINGAPORE (Apr 15): Gloom pervades the reports we read on the global economy.

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