Urban Commons (UC)


Eagle Hospitality Trust: Forensic investigation to unearth sponsor’s intentions amidst corporate governance failure

SINGAPORE (July 10): Increasingly, questions are arising from last May’s initial public offer (IPO) of Eagle Hospitality Trust (EHT).


Too complex for Singapore?

SINGAPORE (July 10): Eagle Hospitality Trust formed a series of subsidiaries to hold its 18 properties which are referred to as master lessors.


Complicating matters further

SINGAPORE (July 10): Eagle Hospitality Trust’s manager has made several announcements this year on various agreements that its sponsor Urban Commons has defaulted on.


Eagle Hospitality Trust update: Beware over-valuation

SINGAPORE (May 26): In a report by the Orlando Weekly on May 25, which referred to Urban Commons problems, including its failure to pay cleaning bills of US$420,000, it emerges that its Ho


Eagle Hospitality Trust sinks 36% as managers mull asset sales, strategic review

SINGAPORE (Mar 19): Units in Eagle Hospitality Trust (EHT) plunged 36.3% in early morning trading on Thursday, after the manager announced in a filing at 12.25am that it is preparing to launch seve

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