UOB Quarterly Global Outlook

Singapore economy

'Substantial risk' of Singapore entering technical recession in 1H2023: UOB

Singapore’s manufacturing output has already contracted for seven months since October 2022, driving recessionary risks.

Global Economy

UOB says it sees 'better odds' of V-shaped economic recovery in 3Q20, sees a recession on the cards for Singapore

In Singapore, UOB foresees a recession looming, in line with the economic performance across the ASEAN region. It has also kept its full-year headline and core inflation at -0.3% in 2020.

2018 look ahead by UBS

Malaysia's New Economic Model to boost the country's finance: UOB

SINGAPORE (Dec 11): Malaysia has come a long way from being a low-income agriculture based economy with gross net income (GNI) per capita of US$240 ($324) in 1962, to an upper middle-income manufacturing and services driven economy with US$9,850 GNI per c