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The cost of US hegemony to the rest of the world

As we said before, US exceptionalism was paid for, in no small part, by the rest of the world.


The threat of enfeebled great powers

No political integration project can survive a narrative featuring a permanent underclass of countries that do not share their neighbours’ prosperity in good times and are left to their own devices when calamity strikes.


Scientists expect Covid-19 vaccine in January if not within the year

As the US government launches "Operation Warp Speed" to hasten the process of vaccine development,Oxford University hopes to see positive results by June.


Governments clamp down on Zoom as security breaches come to light

Beware while working from home - you don't know who may be privy to your personal information.


Why America is losing to Covid-19

The US's struggles with Covid-19 stem not from a lack of effective disease control measures, but rather from a failure to deploy them decisively.


Chinese Covid-19 numbers not fake: Berkeley Professor

There’s no real reason to doubt Chinese statistics, said Professor Arthur Reingold at an online forum organised by Matthews Asia, the US’s largest Asia-only investment firm. 


Trump puts sanctions on Iranian supreme leader, other top officials

WASHINGTON/RIYADH (June 25): US President Donald Trump targeted Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and other top Iranian officials with sanctions on Monday, taking a dramatic, unprecedented step to increase pressure on Iran after Tehran’s dow


US blames Iran for oil tanker attacks as gulf tensions climb

(June 14): The Trump administration blamed Iran for attacks on two oil tankers near the entrance to the Persian Gulf, escalating tensions between the two rivals despite denials from officials in Tehran and a lack of public evidence for the US claim.

US-China trade war

Singapore fears Asean may need to choose between US, China

(Nov 16): Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong warned that Southeast Asian nations may one day have to choose between the US and China, as concerns deepen about a Cold War-style conflict between the world’s biggest economies.


US warns Russia it could ‘take out’ missiles

(Oct 3): The US warned that it could resort to strikes against a new class of Russian missile unless Moscow complies with its international commitments to arms reduction.