Still magnolia - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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Still magnolia


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White and yellow - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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White and yellow

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Check this out

The Burberry checks which is the most recognisable symbol for this British brand is now used to make masks.


Making a comeback

Jewellery and fashion of the past make a stop in 2020

The bigger the better

Celebrate the birth of our nation with parades, fireworks and concerts. But most of all — with all things local. So, here is a special guide to local companies, products and collaborations.

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Authentically ours

The Merlion charms

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SINGAPORE (Mar 6): Uniqlo launches the spring/summer 2020 collection in collaboration with Northern Irish designer Jonathan Anderson (main image).

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A touch of home

SINGAPORE (Aug 12): Celebrate National Day with items inspired by all things local.

200 years in the making