Artificial Intelligence

AI pioneer Kai-Fu Lee builds US$1 bil startup in eight months

The company, 01.AI, has reached a valuation of more than US$1 billion after a funding round that included Alibaba's cloud unit.


Nium posts net revenue of US$82 million in 2022

Over the past year, Nium raised additional capital at a US$2 billion valuation.

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Dear Alibaba, thank you for the US$10 tril gift

(Dec 2): Has the golden age of asset management finally arrived in Asia? For years, Asia’s hottest unicorns left their homelands to list in New York for one simple reason: a deep pool of US money. And they have been rewarded. From Alibaba Group Holding

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Declining attraction of unicorn IPOs

SINGAPORE (Sept 30): This year was supposed to be the year for tech unicorns. Instead, many are getting unexpectedly strong pushback in the public market — best epitomised by the rapid unravelling of the hype and euphoria surrounding WeWork in the run-u

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Cash party almost over for unicorns such as Uber

SINGAPORE (Apr 22): Uber Technologies’ coming IPO is a moment to reflect on the oodles of investment cash that have resulted in a herd of “unicorns”, the awful but convenient shorthand for tech companies that reach valuations of at least US$1 billio


Unicorns backing their own VCs? Welcome to peak tech

(Nov 16): When unicorns start setting up their own venture-capital funds, you know the tech world is getting frothy.

Global Economy

E-commerce to fuel Southeast Asia's internet economy: Google-Temasek

SINGAPORE (Dec 12): Southeast Asia’s internet economy has experienced unprecedented growth over the past year to exceed Google-Temasek initial research projections, with there to be over 330 million active monthly internet users by end-2017 – a 70 mil