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Singapore gig workers to get more benefits, won't be employees

The new rules will require legislative changes and will become effective in the latter half of 2024 at the earliest.


'No longer sure bets': tech giants are dropping bad news daily

From Seattle to Silicon Valley to Austin, a grim new reality is setting in across the tech landscape.
What DiDi's IPO flop means for Grab and GoTo - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


What DiDi's IPO flop means for Grab and GoTo

It had been billed as the “IPO of the year” and the largest China listing in the US since e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holdings.


Former Google engineer argues prison term is a 'death sentence'

The Google engineer, who stole secrets from Uber, said sending him to prison was a 'death sentence' in the light of the coronavirus pandemic

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A layman's guide to investing in tech companies

SINGAPORE (Oct 14): Investors on Wall Street are clearly losing appetite for overhyped loss-making technology companies with uncertain business models and unclear paths to profitability. The disaster surrounding WeWork’s planned and now-aborted IPO is t

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Declining attraction of unicorn IPOs

SINGAPORE (Sept 30): This year was supposed to be the year for tech unicorns. Instead, many are getting unexpectedly strong pushback in the public market — best epitomised by the rapid unravelling of the hype and euphoria surrounding WeWork in the run-u

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SINGAPORE (Aug 5): “If you want marines to drive away the Chinese fishermen, not one of them will come home alive.” — Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, defending his agreement with China to allow Chinese fishermen to operate in the West Philippi





Why investors should avoid hitching a ride on Uber's IPO

SINGAPORE (Apr 22): Investors who found some way to short the stock of Lyft, the No 2 ride-hailing player in the US, have had a great ride since its IPO three weeks ago. Lyft’s stock plunged to US$56.11 on April 15, down 22% from its IPO price, or 35% b

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SINGAPORE (Apr 15): “The patience of Ecuador has reached its limit on the behaviour of Mr Assange.” — Lenín Moreno, Ecuador’s president, on the decision to allow UK police to arrest WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who faces accusations of rape.