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Tweeting UP the market

SINGAPORE (Jan 10): US President Donald Trump is a prolific tweeter. That much we already know.


Trump, in praising Xi, links Hong Kong protests to trade war

(Aug 15): President Donald Trump made what seemed to be an overture to the Chinese leader Xi Jinping in a series of tweets on Wednesday night that linked the protests in Hong Kong to the continuing

Global Economy

Tweets, tariffs damage market sentiment; tread cautiously, says Phillip Futures analyst

SINGAPORE (June 10): The outlook for 2H2019 is downbeat, as analysts see slowing growth — as a result of US protectionism — and shifting supply chains affecting markets.

Fake News

Singapore set to tackle spread of fake news with new laws

(Sept 20): Singapore will likely adopt strong laws empowering the government to swiftly disrupt the spread of fake news following the release of a parliamentary report today.

Fake News

Singapore panel recommends regulation of tech firms over fake news

SINGAPORE (Sept 20): A Singapore parliamentary committee said on Thursday the government should consider legislation to ensure technology companies rein in online fake news and that perpetrators ar


Make social media players root out fake accounts rather than fake news

SINGAPORE (Apr 2): Is it time for Facebook, Twitter and Google to be held responsible for the news and information that they carry on their platforms?


Japan traders swarm to this mysterious Twitter user

(Jan 15): On a day when billions in profits and losses would be determined by split-second trades, the salaried professionals of Japan’s financial markets were glued to their news terminals.

Xi buys time with Trump as tensions loom over North Korea threat

HONG KONG (April 10): After predicting a “very difficult” encounter with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Donald Trump emerged from their first meeting hailing “an outstanding relationship” between ch


UK tells WhatsApp to open up to intelligence services

LONDON (March 27): UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd said Facebook Inc.’s WhatsApp messaging system should open its encryption to security services and urged online companies to be more aggressive in sh


How Middle Eastern airlines have responded to the laptop ban

DUBAI/ATLANTA (March 24): Middle East airlines scrambled to find ways to respond to a ban on electronics introduced this week.

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