US Presidential Race

With a divided United States, policy uncertainty and market volatility here to stay

The results known so far of the US election have shown the world’s most powerful economy deeply divided – and markets uncertain.

Can America avoid an election crisis? - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

US Presidential Race

Can America avoid an election crisis?

The 2020 US presidential election is unlike any other in living memory. Previous contests have been rancorous and some were described in existential terms.

In coronavirus vaccine race, China inoculates thousands before trials are completed - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


In coronavirus vaccine race, China inoculates thousands before trials are completed

China is inoculating tens of thousands of its citizens with experimental coronavirus vaccines and attracting international interest in their development, despite expert concerns over the safety of


The US may lose in Trump’s TikTok war

NEW YORK – Following US President Donald Trump’s vow to block US access to TikTok, the popular short-video app’s Chinese parent company, ByteDance, has been in frantic talks with Microsoft, presuma

Investing strategy

Equities performed within expectations in 2016. Will it be the same in 2017?

SINGAPORE (Feb 1): Bank of Singapore had been successful in predicting the trends in the equity markets in 2016, but concedes that the uncertainties from Donald Trump’s administration has made the


Trump economic adviser bashes Germany on currency: report

WASHINGTON (Feb 1): A top economic adviser to US President Donald Trump bashed Germany for exploiting an undervalued euro to take advantage of its trading partners, the Financial Times reported Tue


Winners and losers under Trump’s 'America First' World Order

SINGAPORE (Jan 26): Barely a week in office and US President Donald Trump has quickly gotten down to fulfilling the promises he has made to his voters, ripping up the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agre

Investing strategy

5 investment themes to prepare for the unexpected this year

SINGAPORE (Jan 10): Bank of Singapore (BoS) Chief Investment Officer (CIO) Johan Jooste is urging investors to adopt a cautious stance going into 2017, going “underweight” on risk assets and “overw

Global Markets

What to expect when Trumponomics is unleashed

SINGAPORE (Dec 20): Trump’s reflationary policies are unlikely to reveal their full impact within the year, but his policies – and the expectation of them – will be central to global developments n

Global Markets

Japan’s annus volatilitis: negative rates, Brexit and then Trump

SYDNEY (Dec 19): For investors in Japan’s markets this year, it’s been a case of one shock after the next in a pattern that might have prepared them well for the era of Donald Trump and his reputat

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