The co-living lifestyle


The co-living lifestyle

A stay at Hmlet Cantonment shows why this new concept is winning over new fans

The Hot 100 list for 2018

SINGAPORE (Dec 31): Every year, we carefully curate the most sought-after items on the market.

Sector Focus

Consumer banking trends to watch in 2019, according to this software analytics firm

SINGAPORE (Dec 26): 2019 is set to be a year of significant progress for banks around the world, according to analytics software company FICO, formerly known as the Fair Isaac Corporation.


What the near future holds for global fintech firms & investors: McKinsey

SINGAPORE (Dec 18): With financial technology (fintech) evolving considerably over the last few years, fintech investors will have to be increasingly selective in deploying their capital as some se

SE Asian economies

Asean IPO activity may rebound in 2019, depending on these factors

SINGAPORE (Dec 17): After a lacklustre 2018, Asean markets stand a chance of seeing higher levels of initial public offering (IPO) activity next year – but only if there is a turnaround in economic


Temasek identifies new drivers as portfolio value tops $308 bil

SINGAPORE (July 10): Temasek Holdings is positioning itself to ride six powerful trends, even as it prepares for tougher global market conditions in the year ahead.

Investing strategy

Old Wall Street strategies are now hugely profitable in China

HONG KONG (Apr 18): Stock pickers may have to reconsider the way they think about China.

Careers & Training

11 highly sought-after roles in 2018 and beyond: Hays

SINGAPORE (Jan 3): The fourth industrial revolution is upon us to transform the way we work, with the inevitable automation of certain jobs and aspects of roles; the creation of entirely new roles;

China Focus

China's millennials are hustling for part-time gigs instead of traditional jobs

BEIJING (Feb 21): With a fur-lined jacket and a Miu Miu shoulder bag, Zhang Chen isn’t your traditional Chinese migrant worker.

Singapore’s income gap narrowed in 2016 with growth of median household income

SINGAPORE (Feb 16): Not only was Singapore’s Gini coefficient, a measure of income disparity, the lowest in a decade at 0.458 in 2016 – it fell even further to 0.402 after adjusting for government

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