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How to travel like a star

A Former NBA All-Star’s guide to penthouses and private jet etiquette


The road ahead for travel

Hilton’s vice-president of operations in Southeast Asia, Paul Hutton, looks at what the travel industry can do to drive recovery in the region


Boarding pass

There is no need to wait for the world to open before planning your trip.

Singapore opens bubble for business travelers at Changi Airport - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Singapore opens bubble for business travelers at Changi Airport

Singapore has started taking applications for a program that will allow people to enter the island for business and official purposes without having to quarantine for 14 days. The catch?


Nobody gets out of this stronger

A company known primarily for its big-city hotels with a business-leaning bent, Langham Hospitality Group would seem among the most exposed to Covid-19’s economic wrath.

Age of elegance - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Age of elegance

With the hope of being able to travel in the near future bolstered by news of increasingly successful vaccines, Dipika Mukherjee reminisces about the pomp and grandeur of one of India’s most fa

Turning point for travel - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Turning point for travel

It has probably been repeated to death by now: Travel as we know it will never return to normalcy.


Singapore tightens border measures for travellers from South Korea

Singapore now requires all travellers from South Korea to serve a 14-day quarantine at dedicated facilities due to “a sustained surge in cases” in the North Asian country, according to a statement.

Esseplore-ing new horizons - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Esseplore-ing new horizons

When Esseplore — an AI-driven, tech-enabled food and travel company — first launched, they could not have done so at a worse timing.


Holiday specials

As travel restrictions are changing rapidly around the world, many travellers are a bit apprehensive about spending their holidays abroad.