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Turning point for travel

It has probably been repeated to death by now: Travel as we know it will never return to normalcy.


Singapore tightens border measures for travellers from South Korea

Singapore now requires all travellers from South Korea to serve a 14-day quarantine at dedicated facilities due to “a sustained surge in cases” in the North Asian country, according to a statement.

Esseplore-ing new horizons - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Esseplore-ing new horizons

When Esseplore — an AI-driven, tech-enabled food and travel company — first launched, they could not have done so at a worse timing.


Holiday specials

As travel restrictions are changing rapidly around the world, many travellers are a bit apprehensive about spending their holidays abroad.


The new normal for travel

To say the travel industry has been hard-hit by the Covid-19 pandemic is an understatement.


The plight of the ancient mariner

It is no secret that all seven species of sea turtle are facing extinction the world over.


Commemoration and collaboration

SINGAPORE (July 9): Swimwear for curvy women, a fashion label and scooter maker team up, and an anniversary celebration – just another day in fashion 


Best of nature + nurture

SINGAPORE (July 9): With conservation and sustainability a priority, The Datai Langkawi ushers in a new era well secured for the future 


Reopening Borders

Countries are opening up to tourists again… but travellers have to adhere to guidelines to curb Covid-19 


The new normal

Concerns over Covid-19 mean hotel groups around the world are announcing new cleaning protocols to reassure guests.

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