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Singapore economy

Recovery in electronics exports pushes Singapore's NODX up by 7.7% in August

Things are looking up for Singapore’s trade sector, with non-oil domestic exports (NODX) expanding in August 2020 for the third consecutive month.


Blockchain drags trade financing into the 21st century

While the world speeds ahead towards a world of futuristic automation, the trade finance world remains firmly stuck in the 20th century, with some fundamental processes still resembling those of me

Singapore economy

Singapore faces 'crisis of a generation' but will emerge stronger, says PM Lee

SINGAPORE (June 7): The Covid-19 pandemic, a “crisis of a generation”, is not merely a healthcare crisis that is causing economic woes across the world. 

China Focus

No 36 strategies here

(May 22): Surprisingly, there is not one of the 36 Strategies that adequately describes the complex relationship between the Chinese imposition of high tariffs on Australian barley and US trade pol


Singapore to work with China on trade logistics and smart manufacturing among other collaborations

SINGAPORE (May 12): The fifth Joint Implementation Committee (JIC) Meeting for the China-Singapore (Chongqing) Demonstration Initiative on Strategic Connectivity (CCI) was held on Tuesday

Global review

Viral exposure: wider implications for the markets

(Feb 28): The number of people infected and affected by the coronavirus continues to grow globally.

Disruption and Digitalisation

Let's get the 'digital' right in digital trade

(Dec 9): The new buzzword in global commerce is “digital trade”.

China Focus

Driving the China business strategy

(Aug 26): You are geared up to expand your business into China. It is a great idea, but what drives your China strategy?

China Focus

How preconceptions about China can hinder business success

(July 29): The China reality check remains alive and well. I took a colleague to Beijing. He is an author and financial market educator. It was his first visit to China.

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