US-China trade war

Biden revokes TikTok, WeChat bans and orders security review

A separate national security review into the sale of TikTok to an American company is ongoing and not connected

Company in the news

ByteDance founder Zhang Yiming steps down as CEO ahead of IPO

Zhang will be handing the reins of TikTok’s owner to human resources chief Rubo Liang.


How Zoom and other WFH tech darlings will fare when world reopens

Data from research firm Apptopia reveal how the superstar apps of the Covid-19 era are faring now in the US.

Global Economy


Quoteworthy: Hong Kong investors’ love for HSBC is still there, but it’s indeed heart-breaking. –— Simon Yuen.

China Focus

Patterns of coercion

This pattern of coercion has three aspects and it starts with Huawei.


Remarks from Trump and Chinese government cast doubts on Oracle deal for TikTok

For now, Trump has delayed by one week an order that would have shut down TikTok in the US on Sunday.


Could Trump's WeChat ban be a violation of free speech?

US WeChat users argued the prohibitions would violate the free-speech rights of millions of Chinese-speaking Americans.


Trump gives blessing to TikTok deal, delays app store ban

TikTok’s Chinese owner ByteDance Ltd. is seeking a valuation of US$60 billion for the app.

Broker's Calls

Tencent, ByteDance, Alibaba expansion here could bode well for HRnetGroup: CGS-CIMB

Despite the macro uncertainty, CGS-CIMB reckons HRnetGroup is well-positioned to benefit from job creation.


TikTok founder takes page from Trump's book amid US deal

Zhang Yiming, founder of TikTok-parent company ByteDance Ltd., is showing Donald Trump he knows something about dealmaking too.