US-China trade war

Biden revokes TikTok, WeChat bans and orders security review

President Joe Biden is revoking Trump-era bans on the Chinese-owned apps TikTok and WeChat on Wednesday, June 9, and instead will review software applications from foreign adversaries that could po


How Zoom and other WFH tech darlings will fare when world reopens

Many internet companies posted record performance during the pandemic as consumers turned to apps and other cloud software to work, study, socialize and shop from home.

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Quoteworthy: "Hong Kong investors’ love for HSBC is still there, but it’s indeed heart-breaking." –— Simon Yuen, founder of Surich Asset Management, referring to the ongoing slump

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Patterns of coercion

Software and games developers, exporters, logistics chain managers and payment gateway providers are all watching the TikTok and WeChat bans in the US with trepidation and horror.


Remarks from Trump and Chinese government cast doubts on Oracle deal for TikTok

Doubts emerged Monday about Oracle Corp.’s deal to take over TikTok as President Donald Trump said he may still renege on his approval and the Chinese government signaled reluctance through state-o


Could Trump's WeChat ban be a violation of free speech?

The Trump administration’s curbs on WeChat were put on hold by a judge, upending an effort to halt use of the Chinese-owned app in the U.S.


Trump gives blessing to TikTok deal, delays app store ban

Donald Trump gave his blessing to Oracle Corp.’s bid for the American operations of TikTok, putting the popular video-sharing app on course to escape a US ban imposed as part of his pressure campai

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Tencent, ByteDance, Alibaba expansion here could bode well for HRnetGroup: CGS-CIMB

Despite the gloomy economic outlook and higher unemployment rate in Singapore, undervalued HRnetGroup could benefit from the expansion of Chinese tech firms here, according to CGS-CIMB Research.


TikTok founder takes page from Trump's book amid US deal

Zhang Yiming, founder of TikTok-parent company ByteDance Ltd., is showing Donald Trump he knows something about dealmaking too.