Lessons from Bernie Ebbers' acquisitions spree

SINGAPORE (Feb 14): The former WorldCom CEO Bernie Ebbers, who died at the age of 78 this month, started life as a basketball coach.

Global Economy

Five grey swans that could swing markets

(Feb 14): A wareness of potentially high-impact but improbable developments should help investors prepare for unexpected changes in market conditions.

Goldman Sachs Asset Management: Investment themes 2020

Emerging markets and Japan equities becoming compelling

(Jan 31): Despite 2020 looking like a year that will deliver slower growth, we expect to see a continuation of positive earnings next year, which should continue to drive performance in equities.


Data matters, but trust determines its value

SINGAPORE (Jan 23): Data has become inextricably entwined with trust. Where data alone was once an organisation’s unparalleled asset, it must now factor in trust. Data matters.


What’s next for Tech after its 'decade horribilis'?

SINGAPORE (Jan 10): At the start of the just-ended decade, technology, for the most part, was seen as a force for good.

Issues that matter

Start-ups sober up to funding scrutiny

WeWork’s IPO debacle emphasises that having a high-profile founder with a great idea is not enough

Startups • Entrepreneurs • Digital economy

Solidatus takes the inefficiencies out of data processing

SINGAPORE (Nov 18): The 2008 global financial crisis forced many central banks to adopt more robust strategies in risk management.


Why Facebook and Google are afraid of ByteDance

SINGAPORE (Nov 4): Late last week, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg went on stage at The Paley Center for Media in New York to launch a new News Tab for the giant social me


WeWork fiasco and the growth-at-all-costs model

SINGAPORE (Oct 7): Corporate sagas often unfold excruciatingly slowly. Over the past two years, several high-profile, fast-growing, overhyped venture capital (VC)-funded companies have imploded.


Is aggregator Roku the best way to play streaming?

SINGAPORE (Sept 16): Where might investors find more value in technology? In software or hardware? In a creator of original content or an aggregator?

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