The rise of Slack and the death of corporate email

SINGAPORE (June 17): In March last year, music streaming giant Spotify launched an unusual direct public offering on the New York Stock Exchange, as opposed to the IPO route most companies take. Messaging software firm Slack will take a page out of Spotify’s book for a similar path on June 20. “Companies like Slack that don’t need to raise any money are taking the cheapest, most efficient way to list their shares,” Rishi Jaluria, software analyst for DA Davidson in Portland, Oregon, told The Edge Singapore in a recent interview.


The smart bathroom

SINGAPORE (June 10): If you want to treat yourself to a luxe bathroom, make sure you pick a toilet that offers the best when it comes to comfort and hygiene. A natural choice is Toto’s latest Washlet bidet toilet seat, which has been named the world’s No 1 brand of shower toilet by volume sales by Euromonitor International, a leading international market research company. The award establishes the Japanese toilet product maker’s position as a leader in the industry. After all, Toto has sold more than 40 million Washlets in its 30-year history.

How the use of free Google platforms led to the rise of a multi-million Series A funded start-up

SINGAPORE (May 31): Gabriel Lim is a tinkerer at heart, having spent hundreds of hours in his school computer labs as a kid building websites and trying his hand at hacking.

That tinkering hobby led Lim to leave a full-time job as a software engineer in 2015 to bring tech start-up Saleswhale to life with co-founders Venus Wong and Ethan Le. 

Around that time, Lim discovered the Google Cloud API platform and later on, Google’s free, open-source software library, Tensorflow.

Urgent cybersecurity action needed to realise Singapore's maritime vision: AdNovum

SINGAPORE (May 28): At the Singapore Maritime Week in April this year, the government showcased the future of the maritime industry – one that envisions technology playing an instrumental role keeping Singapore’s ports relevant in face of regional competition. Minister for Trade and Industry, Chan Chun Sing, emphasised that for Singapore to truly succeed as a maritime hub, physical trade must be seen as part of a multi-faceted ecosystem that includes data, talent, technology and finance flows.

US executive orders a threat to investors

SINGAPORE (May 27): How can you destroy a strong industry competitor in three easy steps? US President Donald Trump’s most recent executive order in relation to Huawei Technologies has shown the process, and investors need to be worried, very worried. This decision affects companies all the way along the supply chain, with adverse investment impact on companies which, at first sight, seem far removed from Huawei.


How quantum computing can help to shape the health sciences landscape

SINGAPORE (May 24): Tommaso Demarie, co-founder and CEO of Entropica Labs, says says quantum computing is at a turning point.

Entropica Labs aims to develop software to solve complex problems in the field of molecular biology using quantum computing: a technology once considered as bordering on science fiction.

This would provide doctors with a better understanding of human physiology, allowing them to better diagnose and treat their patients.

Vacheron Constantin adopts blockchain certification

Who says heritage Swiss watch brands are slow to adapt to change? At 264 years old, Vacheron Constantin may be the world’s oldest running watch Manufacture, but it also stands as one of the most forward-thinking, not just in terms of horological innovations, but also in the way it looks to incorporate new technologies in its retail experience.


China warns about 'unwavering resolve' to fight 'US bullying'

BRUSSELS (May 21): China could retaliate against the US after President Donald Trump blacklisted Huawei Technologies Co., the Chinese ambassador to the European Union said.

Trump upped the ante in his trade dispute with China last week, announcing moves to curb Huawei’s business that are starting to have ramifications for other companies around the world.

ATA.ONE offers cheap airfares to fill empty seats

SINGAPORE (May 20): From booking tickets to online checkins, mobile apps have been transforming the travel experience for airlines and passengers alike over the past decade or so.


Commercial electric vehicles to help lift global sales

SINGAPORE (May 20): The march of electric vehicles (EVs), is advancing at a steady clip, with commercial vehicles starting to grow significantly in addition to passenger vehicles. EVs are on track to dominate global sales of passenger cars and buses by 2040, and to encroach significantly on the market for vans and short-distance trucking, according to the Electric Vehicle Outlook 2019 report by research firm BloombergNEF (BNEF).


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Be informed of the stories that matter