tech talent

Labour market

Singapore faces 'major shortage' of fintech talent: survey

SINGAPORE (Sept 25): As technology and finance continue to converge in what is known as fintech, workers who have skillsets in both fields are a highly-demanded resource in Singapore.


Growing pains

SINGAPORE (Sept 2): From this month, tech firms in Singapore can look forward to an expansion of their ranks, as a government scheme to facilitate global hiring takes effect.


The deep tech void

Singapore’s high-tech ambitions are not quite matched by the depth of its local talent pool.


Singapore to pilot new programme to help high-potential tech firms bring in talent

SINGAPORE (July 30): Technology companies in growth areas identified by the government will soon find it easier to bring their talents into Singapore, should they choose to set up new teams here.

Global Economy

E-commerce to fuel Southeast Asia's internet economy: Google-Temasek

SINGAPORE (Dec 12): Southeast Asia’s internet economy has experienced unprecedented growth over the past year to exceed Google-Temasek initial research projections, with there to be over 330 millio

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